Although we are still in the midst of summer, your fall wedding is closer than you think, and everything you’ve envisioned for your big day is finally turning into a reality, except for those glasses you’ve been meaning to do something about. The time is now if you’ve ever wanted to go frameless with Laser Eye Surgery. Here’s a few things to factor in before you make your final decision:

Let Your Dress Be the Focus

Let’s be honest, you have probably spent hours trying to find the perfect dress with just the right amount of detail and one that fits you like a glove. You’ll want the focus to be on your dress and not your glasses. Not only will your glasses be the first thing people’s eyes are drawn to when watching you walk down the aisle, but they might not match with your dress, your bridesmaids’, or the theme colours for the wedding.

See Your Groom Clearly

Your wedding day is bound to be one of the happiest days of your life, and there will probably be many tears of joy. Contact lenses can become foggy, cloudy, or slide out of position if you cry while wearing them, which could affect your vision when walking down the aisle. Imagine not being able to see your groom standing at the alter clearly or being overwhelmed with itchy eyes when taking photos outside. Allergens can be a real nuisance causing irritated and watery eyes, which isn’t ideal when you’re the centre of attention.

Ditch the Glasses for the Honeymoon

Are you jet setting somewhere that has palm trees with a spot on the beach calling your name? The last thing you’ll want to be doing on your honeymoon is switching back and forth between your prescription sunglasses, glasses and contact lenses. Make things a little easier on your eyes for the trip by committing to laser eye surgery. You’ll be able to enjoy swimming with the dolphins without fear of losing your glasses in a wave or getting salt water in your contacts. The options are endless with clear vision, and the restraints are obsolete. Instead of worrying about contact lenses and glasses, live life carefree and without boundaries.

Lifelong Commitment and Investment

Correcting your vision is not only a lifelong commitment but it’s also a lifelong investment. At Image Plus, every treatment we do is customized for each unique patient –and every individual eye. That’s why we don’t offer “one size fits all” pricing, like some other clinics. The treatment you receive and the technology we apply – and therefore, the associated costs – will depend on you, the goals you establish with your surgeon, and your medical eye care needs.

Visit Image Plus for your complimentary personal assessment with a member of our vision care team. We will learn more about you and your specific needs to see clearly on your big day!