A year after his wife had iLASIK, William Wong decided it was time he had it too. He had spent considerable time thinking about laser vision correction and when the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we live day to day in Manitoba, he knew the time was now.

“Since the start of COVID, having to wear masks and glasses indoors, I found my glasses frequently fogging up,” says William. “I knew I wanted to get it done and that felt like a major catalyst.”

William is an IT professional and works in an office setting. Having to wear a mask regularly fogged his glasses throughout the day and it was starting to impede on his ability to work efficiently and comfortably.

He also credits his wife’s amazing/positive experience with Image Plus Laser Eye Centre as another major catalyst.

“She always raved about how much it improved her quality of life. She plays sports and runs marathons – all now without worrying about glasses. She can now see clearly in the dark. She just kept telling me how great of an investment it was and I felt like it was right for me.”

William says he attended a number of consultations alongside his wife while she was looking for a laser vision correction clinic. He says he felt more confident with Image Plus because of the volume of information they provided, the confidence in their technology and procedures, and their customer service.

Witnessing his wife’s quick recovery in the care of Dr. Wiens was truly insightful and gave him additional confidence in the procedure.

“I could see what Dr. Wiens was doing was actually working. He even gave us his home phone number so we could contact him if there was an issue.”

“My wife had a small complication after her surgery and she called him on a Saturday. He met her at the office and helped her with her issue – outside of his regular office hours.”

With his decision made, William went for a consultation and was booked in for surgery shortly afterwards. He says the preventative measures taken to stop the spread of COVID-19 were taken very seriously and he felt like he was in good hands during the procedure.

After Dr. Wiens and his team completed the iLASIK surgery, William headed home and began recording the healing process.

“It was a lot easier than I thought it would be,” says William. “I thought there would be more pain. It felt a lot like you had onions in your eyes for the first day. It was a bit uncomfortable, but with the drops provided by Image Plus, by day three, there wasn’t any pain that made me grimace and I felt good.”

The procedure met with William’s expectations and he is very happy with its outcome. He even put together a video to share online through his YouTube channel, The Wong Reviewer.

“The convenience of not having to wear glasses is excellent. I no longer wake up looking for them and I don’t need them at night to go to the washroom. Going outside when it’s colder, your glasses aren’t there to fog up anymore which is a great feeling.”

William also plays hockey and participates in fencing and says not having to wear glasses or contacts makes a big difference – especially as they are sports that require a face covering.

“I would definitely recommend Image Plus to a friend. I made a video documenting my procedure and put it on my YouTube channel and some of my friends who watched it have already book appointments for consultations.”

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