Now’s the Time for Laser Eye Surgery

Jumping off the dock, taking the boat for a ride, playing in the pool with the kids, tossing a Frisbee in the waves… Summers in Manitoba are all about spending time at the lake or the beach. If you wear glasses or contacts, you’ll be missing out on the fun. Instead of diving and splashing, you’ll be worried about losing your glasses in the water or having your contacts fall out! Swimming is not only more fun with clear vision, but safer too. Should an emergency arise, you can jump in to help without your eyesight being a hindrance.

If you’re planning on hitting the water glasses-free with the help of laser eye surgery, now is the time to do it. After the procedure, you’ll need to wait one month for your eyes to fully heal before doing any type of swimming. That includes chlorinated pools, lakes and even hot tubs. Don’t miss out on the fun with your friends and family, and enjoy your summer without boundaries. Go Frameless with Image Plus and you’ll never look back!

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