Catalys™ Laser

At Image Plus, our signature is the use of the best available technology for our procedures and the Catalys™ Laser is no different. The CATALYS™ system is used for the Refractive Laser Lens Exchange procedure as well as Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery.  

The Key Benefits

Greater Precision

The laser provides great precision and enables Dr. Wiens to make exact incisions to one tenth of a micrometer. For a real-life comparison, a human hair is on average 85 micrometers wide.

Tissue Preservation

The advanced 3D imaging and highly developed software of the CATALYS™ System ensures that the laser impulses be delivered to only the designated treatment area, protecting the surrounding tissue.

Individual Customization

The CATALYS™ System creates a detailed 3D image of your eye, allowing Dr. Wiens to create an individualized treatment plan based on your specific needs.

Speed and Comfort

Each treatment is completely customized to your eye, increasing precision while reducing time required resulting in the laser treatment taking typically about 30 to 45 seconds. During the process, your eye is gently held in place with a soft suction ring that maximizes your comfort.

Technology Leader

In 1994, Dr. Wiens began performing laser vision correction, becoming the first ophthalmologist in Western Canada to offer 100% blade-free LASIK (Intralase).

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