The combination of iDesign Refractive Studio and IntraLase technology, also known as iLASIK™, provides you with precise and predictable results. iLASIK™ is used by NASA and the US Military—industries that demand the clearest, most precise vision possible. This technology is approved by Health Canada and the FDA.


With iLASIK™, the majority of complications associated with a blade from the traditional lasik procedure are eliminated or reduced.

Better Results

Patients achieve statistically better vision with iLASIK™. More patients achieved 20/20 vision with iLASIK™ as compared to traditional lasik. Patients also preferred the vision of their iLASIK™ treated eye 3-to-1.

Greater Precision

IntraLase™ has a higher degree of precision of flap thickness when creating the corneal flap. This improves the predictability and safety in making the flap for iLASIK™ treatments.

Lower Re-Treatment Rate

Studies show that the number of re-treatments needed is lower with iLASIK™. Higher accuracy and effectiveness with your first surgery makes it less likely you will need to go through the inconvenience and risk of having your eye(s) treated a second time.

Fewer Side Effects

Several clinical studies show a significant reduction in symptoms of dry eye by up to 72%. The individualized flaps can be tailored to the needs of the individual eye, allowing surgeons to individualize both steps with iLASIK™; personalized flap creation with IntraLase™ and custom laser vision treatment with the WavePrint System™ by VISX®.

Manufacturer: Abbott Medical Optics/Johnson & Johnson

The Most Accurate Results Available

The iDesign Refractive Studio laser is 25 times more precise than eyeglasses or contacts in correcting vision. 95% of patients who receive iDesign Refractive Studio correction improve their vision to 20/20 or better, while maintaining or improving their night vision.

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