Sneeze, scratch, wipe – repeat. This tends to be the pattern that hits a lot of Canadians every year when spring rolls around.

The flowers may look beautiful, and you may love the feeling of the warm breeze on your face, but those springtime perks can actually be a nightmare for someone who wears contacts or glasses. Itching, burning and watering eyes are amongst the most irritable symptoms and some people can even experience swelling and redness.

Allergens are typically harmless substances that we come in contact with that trigger an allergic reaction. Some of the most common spring allergens like pollen, mould, dust and pet dander cause these disruptive symptoms and are actually naturally attracted to contact lenses. The allergens cling onto your contact lenses and cause irritation to only increase over time.

While laser eye surgery might not be able to take away all of the symptoms, it can relieve your eye symptoms and there are many more advantages that pay off in the long run.

Quick and Effective Results

With summer quickly approaching, now is the time to book a consultation with Image Plus about your options. Patients that have received laser eye surgery bounce back quickly and see huge improvements in their sight.


With Laser Eye Surgery, you can experience life without boundaries. You’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your summer without worrying about losing a contact in the lake or switching to your prescription sunglasses. If your vision has stopped you from participating in certain activities, it’s time to be confident and live the life you always wanted to. Join in on the activities that require precise vision, and focus on your new experiences after laser eye surgery.

Book a complimentary assessment with our dedicated team of professionals if you are struggling with spring allergies while wearing contacts or glasses. Enjoy the latest bloom of flowers and roll the windows down – live your life without boundaries.