What is It?

Keratoconus is a condition in which your cornea doesn’t have enough collagen bonds to maintain structural integrity. This means the tissue becomes weak and can bulge, become steep, or develop other irregularities that can significantly affect your vision.

How Keratoconus Affects Your Vision

These changes to the shape of your cornea can cause your vision to become blurry. Normally, blurry vision is corrected with glasses or contact lenses, but the irregular shape of the cornea means that contact lenses aren’t really a viable option. Wearing them—if it’s possible at all—is often uncomfortable for those with keratoconus.

How Can Treatment Help?

Treatment for keratoconus means creating a smoother cornea, which means you can wear contact lenses more comfortably.

Corrective Procedures

Collagen Cross-Linking

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