Even if you have never needed glasses before, turning 40 means reading glasses may soon be in your future. It’s a natural part of the aging process in which we begin to lose the ability to focus on nearby objects. If you’ve been stretching out your arms to read the newspaper, you know what we mean! This process is called presbyopia.

Presbyopia isn’t yet correctable through surgery, which means that even after you have a laser procedure you may still need reading glasses at some point in the future. However, correcting  your eyesight to create “mono-vision” may help put off the inevitable.

How it Works

Mini-monovision means having one eye treated for close range and the other treated for distance with PRK or iLASIK™. The amount that is treated for near can be adjusted depending on your needs.

Mini-monovision isn’t for everyone. It takes time to get used to the differences between the two eyes and reading glasses may still be necessary in the future. To be sure this procedure is right for you, we recommend trying Mini-monovision with contact lenses before your surgery.

What to Expect

If you decide to have  your vision adjusted to Mini-monovision, you will typically be in the surgery suite for about 30 minutes. However, you will still be at the office for several hours.

Technology Used


VISX® Star S4 Active Trak™

iDesign Refractive Studio

3D ActiveTrak™ Eyetracker

VISX S4 Variable Spot Scanning (VSSTM)

Iris Registration (IR)

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