Stacy Huen has a very unique job. He is the owner and managing director for Dodgeball Winnipeg, a dodgeball league open to both competitive and casual players. As a long-time player himself, he grew tired of having to wear his glasses on the court.

“In dodgeball, having an increased field of view and better vision in general lends a natural advantage when playing competitively,” says Stacy. “I was really tired of having to wear goggles to play sports, and I didn’t enjoy 3D movies or VR where I had to wear glasses underneath. Frankly, glasses are just limiting.”

Contacts always caused too much discomfort for him, so for most of his life, Stacy has worn glasses.

“I’ve always had to wear glasses and I really don’t enjoy having them fog up, get dirty, scratched, or when bugs land on the inside of them in the Summer. Since contacts were never something that worked for me, iLASIK was the only other option.”

Stacy said he chose Image Plus because his vision is so important to him.

“When it comes to my eyes, I’m not taking any chances. I chose the place with the best reputation and track record I could find. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life wishing I had spent a few extra dollars.”

After booking a consultation with Dr. Wiens’ team, he learned he was an ideal candidate for iLASIK and made an appointment for surgery.

“Immediately following the surgery, if I opened my eyes, it felt like I had just cut a whole bag of onions. That lasted for about three of four hours so I kept my eyes shut and had a nap once I got home.”

Stacy says his procedure took place at 4pm and by 11pm he was able to keep his eyes open without discomfort – though things were still a bit blurry.

“Waking up over the following days was incredible. My vision was better than it had ever been before at any point in my life.”

He says he had to wear eye shields at night, provided by Image Plus, for about two weeks in addition to administering eye drops.

“For a short time, I also had halos at night, but they have since gone away. If I’m being honest, the recovery period was so negligible, any complaints I may have had at the time I can’t remember anymore.”

Laser eye surgery has already had a major impact on Stacy’s life. He says it exceeded his expectations and his vision is now stronger than 20/20.

“I legitimately feel like I have eliminated a disability from my life. I no longer have a frame on my field of view – anyone who wears glasses but never contacts will understand what I mean.”

“For the first few weeks after my surgery, I wore protective goggles while playing dodgeball, but after my 4-week checkup, I was told it was safe to play without them. Now I am able to play without glasses and with an increased field of view.”

Stacy says he recommends the procedure to anyone who asks him about his surgery, and with increased sanitization and all Image Plus staff following public health recommendations, now is as great a time as ever to get laser eye surgery.