Image Plus is open once again and the health and safety of our patients and staff remain our top priority.

As of May 4, 2020, we will provide patient care to healthy patients and are taking directions from the Public Health Agency of Canada and the World Health Organization, Shared Health Manitoba.

We ask all patients to follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not come to the clinic if you are experiencing any kind of symptoms associated with the cold and/or flu such as fever, chills, upper respiratory infection, runny nose, sore throat, headache or weakness, as COVID-19 shares symptoms that are commonly associated with influenza (flu) and other viruses.
  2. Wear a mask at all times. If you do not have a mask, you may request one from our team.
  3. Do not bring a guest or an escort, only patients will be allowed in the clinic. If you require an escort for medical or mobility reasons, please call ahead and inform our team.
  4. Try to keep a physical distance of 6′ between you and other patients in the waiting areas or other public spaces.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Image Plus Team.

What else can you do to help?

The best way to stay healthy and to prevent the spread of this virus is by working together and helping each other. These basic precautions will go a long way to slowing the progress of this illness.

  • Keep a social distance of 2m between ourselves and other people until the pandemic is deemed over. Why its our best tool in this fight.
  • Use proper hygiene when coughing and/or sneezing.
  • By properly washing our hands with soap and trying not to touch our faces. Here is why soap is so effective.
  • By going out only if necessary to keep the possibility of being infected as low as possible.
  • By doing a COVID-19 self assessment to see if you qualify for getting yourself tested at one of the government COVID-19 testing sites in our province.
  • By calling Health Links to get an appointment to be tested if you qualify after doing the COVID-19 self assessment.
  • By keeping up to date with what our provincial government has to say.

By following the information and guidelines created by Health Canada.