The Image Plus Approach

Our Unique Go Frameless Process Gives You
Confidence Plus

We believe your laser vision correction experience should never be a retail experience. Our surgeon and staff offer personalized service that starts the moment you contact Image Plus. We’re there for you every step of the way—to your new life without boundaries! That’s the Image Plus difference – that’s Confidence Plus.



Visit Image Plus for your complimentary personal assessment with a specialist from our vision care team. Your eyesight will be tested thoroughly and you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about whether laser eye surgery is right for you and your ability to Go Frameless.



At many laser eye surgery clinics, you never even see the doctor until it’s time for your procedure. At Image Plus, your surgeon will see you for a consultation. He will answer your questions, discuss your options, and make sure you fully understand what laser eye surgery can do for you.



Using only the latest technology and procedures, your Image Plus surgeon will perform your surgery. At the end of your procedure, you will be provided with all the information you need for a successful recovery.



Laser eye surgery is one of the most common and safest elective procedures done today. Still, you might have questions or concerns once you get home. At any time if you feel unsure, you can call your surgeon directly. That’s right – we will give you a number you can use to speak with your surgeon. No retail clinic would never dream of giving patients that kind of support.


Follow Up

You made a big decision when you chose laser eye surgery and we want to be sure you’ve gotten the results you need. Following your surgery, we will book routine visits to see you on a regular basis. You’ll come in at one day, one week, one month, three months, six months and one year—the Image Plus team will be there to see you through your full recovery, all the way to your new life without boundaries!

Take the Next Step

Thinking about your new life without boundaries? Book your complimentary personal assessment today.

The Most Accurate Results Available

The iDesign Refractive Studio laser is 25 times more precise than eyeglasses or contacts in correcting vision. 95% of patients who receive iDesign Refractive Studio correction improve their vision to 20/20 or better, while maintaining or improving their night vision.

Contact us to book a complimentary assessment with the Image Plus team and find out if you are a candidate for Laser Eye Surgery.