Image Plus Testimonials

I had laser surgery Spring 2010 at the age of 39. My pre-operative eyesight was in the range of 20/200, with a prescription around the -2.75 range. The outcome was better than expected, and even with the immediate and expected post-surgery discomfort, results were immediately noticeable. When things settled out, I was better than 20/20. Here we are now eight years later, I still see great! Age though is catching up and there is now a noticeable pause to focus between reading and seeing something off in the distance. That is age. The part that I am quite happy about is that even with the slight focus delay I can still clearly see things off in the distance. It was and continues to be a life changer. Thanks!

Laser eye surgery has completely changed my life for the better. Prior to surgery, I struggled daily with dry, sore eyes from my contacts, and headaches from my glasses. Today, my vision is better than 20/20, and my eyes feel healthier than ever. My name is Laura, and I had laser vision correction at Image Plus Laser Eye Centre.

How has my life changed since I had laser vision eye correction? Where do I start! I can see when I wake up in the morning. My vision is better than 20/20, I get to wear funky non-prescription sunglasses, but most importantly, I used to get headaches when when my glasses were dirty. Now, no more headaches. My name is Carla, and I had laser vision correction at Image Plus Laser Eye Centre.

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