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What to Expect

You will be awake during the surgery, but our surgeon will use a topical anesthetic drop to temporarily numb the feeling in your eye(s) during your procedure. We also provide you with a sedative about 30 minutes before your surgery to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

You may see bright lights, but you cannot see what your surgeon is doing. He will talk with you throughout the procedure about what you can expect to happen.

You may feel some pressure and you may experience the need to blink. However, most treatments are typically painless.

Is There Pain?

Each individual has different experiences regarding pain. You may feel the following symptoms: slight irritation, red and watery eyes, dryness, a burning onion sensation and your sinuses may feel as if they are plugged. We advise you to go home and nap for several hours. When you wake up, the irritation should have lessened or disappeared. You may then resume activity as specified in your post-operative instructions.

Learn More

Every procedure is different, depending on your eyes, overall health, and the treatment Dr. Wiens has planned for you. Visit the treatment page for your specific condition to learn more. Dr. Wiens and the Image Plus team will also provide you with detailed information before your procedure – and of course, you are welcome to ask questions at any time.

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