Iris Registration (IR)

It’s normal for your pupil to move from the time your eye is measured to the time of treatment. This is because our eyes will rotate when we go from a sitting to a lying position. It’s vital for your eye to be correctly positioned for the procedure, so a registration system is needed to ensure the eye is exactly where it needs to be during your procedure. In some practices, surgeons will place markings on the eye itself to help with registration during the procedure. At Image Plus, we use Iris Registration (IR), the newest part of the WaveFront system. Iris Registration™ is only available with VISX™ Star S4 Advanced CustomVue™ WaveFront treatments.

Accurate Positioning

When your WaveScan picture is taken, reference points using your unique iris features (the coloured part of your eye) are also photographed. This might be considered similar to an “iris identity” system. The VISX™ excimer laser uses this image to confirm that the treatment is properly positioned, which maximizes the effectiveness of your laser treatment and ensures the best outcome possible.

Better Vision

Patients who receive WaveFront guided treatments have a higher likelihood of seeing better than 20/20, a decreased likelihood of a loss of vision, and an improved likelihood of the same or even better night vision.

Manufacturer: Abbott Medical Optics/Johnson & Johnson

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