VISX® Star S4 IR™

If you’re considering laser eye surgery, you should know that not all lasers are created equal.

Image Plus uses the VISX® Star S4 IR™, an excimer refractive surgical system designed to re-contour the front surface of the cornea of the human eye. The VISX laser, guided by iDesign Refractive Studio, reshapes the corneal tissue with a series of cool, computer-controlled laser pulses. Each pulse reshapes a microscopic layer. The total laser time is usually no more than 60 seconds, typically removing 10-15% of the cornea.

This laser can treat nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism with both LASIK and PRK techniques.


For each treatment with the VISX laser, Image Plus must pay a treatment fee for its use, unlike other lasers that clinics purchase one time and then use as many times as needed. So, why choose VISX? The reason is simple: there’s nothing else like it. Other lasers can treat your prescription according to standard measurements, but they can’t personalize their treatment to your unique eye the way VISX can.

Manufacturer: Abbott Medical Optics/Johnson & Johnson


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