iDesign Refractive Studio

Just like your fingerprints or DNA, your vision is completely unique to your eyes. As a technology leader, Image Plus uses iDesign Refractive Studio which integrates an in-depth topographical measurements of the entire cornea surface, with Wavefront technology to create the highest-definition visual representation of your visual pathways to create an precise map of each eye.

The iDESIGN® Refractive Studio Wavefront sensors capture over 1250 data points and provides the highest resolution available for any shape pupil (up to 7 mm). The built-in full-gradient topographer captures 1,200 x and y-axis slopes to interpret miniscule variations in the corneal surface.

From your iDesign Refractive Studio map, your surgeon will create a custom treatment plan that takes into account your unique vision imperfections including optical distortions, prescription, astigmatism, pupil size, and corneal surface. The final result is a treatment as unique as you are.

The iDesign Refractive Studio is 25 times more precise than conventional measurements for eyeglasses or contacts in correcting vision in each unique eye. Studies show that 95% of patients undergoing iDesign Refractive Studio guided correction improve their vision to 20/20 or better while maintaining or improving their night vision (depending on the prescription).


Technology That’s Light-Years Ahead

The Wavefront technology used in the iDesign Refractive Studio was originally developed to measure optical distortions that occur when light—such as the light from a star—travels through our atmosphere and enters an optical telescope. This technology has since been adapted for laser vision correction. It’s the newest and most accurate imaging process in eye care, and the only treatment accepted for Canadian Military Flight Crew.

Image Plus is the only eye care centre in Winnipeg that uses this innovative technology.
Manufacturer: Abbott Medical Optics/Johnson & Johnson


Experience You Can Trust

Dr. Wiens has been at the forefront of eye care in Manitoba for nearly three decades. Over the course of his career, he’s successfully completed more than 30,000 procedures, providing our patients with the highest level of care and expertise in Manitoba.

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