Keeping in tradition with Dr. Wiens’ philosophy (to always use the newest and most trustworthy equipment and procedures), Image Plus now welcomes the iDesign Refractive Studio to our facility.

This machine adds an additional layer of customization to your procedure by not only creating a high-definition 3-D visual representation of your visual pathway, but also an in-depth topographical map of the cornea. This system combines the ground-breaking Wavefront scanning technology, which creates a 3D representation of your visual pathway, with an in-depth topographical map of the cornea.

By capturing over 1,250 data points across your eye, the iDesign Refractive Studio provides the highest resolution available for any shape of pupil. These measurements are 25x more precise than conventional methods and can interpret even the most miniscule variations in the corneal surface. This means our surgeon’s able to create the best possible pre-surgery examination to guide the laser correction procedure.

From your iDesign Refractive Studio map, your surgeon will create a detailed treatment plan considering your unique optical distortions, glasses prescription, pupil size, corneal surface, and visual needs. Once the treatment plan is presented to you, the surgery is scheduled and can be handled in less than a day.

Studies show that 95% of patients undergoing iDesign Refractive Studio correction improve their vision to 20/20 or better while maintaining or improving their night vision (depending on the prescription).

So why wait? Knowing you’re in the hands of our extra-ordinarily experienced surgeon, paired with leading proven technology , the only thing left to do is book your complimentary assessment. It’s the first step in a life without glasses or contacts, and now you can rest assured you’ve chosen one of the most advanced laser surgical procedures available in Manitoba – to get the best results for your vision

A lifetime of wearing prescription glasses and contacts can be quite expensive. We assessed the actual value of lenses and frames in one of our past Updates+. For more information, click here.