How often do you buy new frames? According to the Vision Council, the average person went through one pair of glasses per year. Some people purchase numerous sets each year for style or function, and there are those who wear the same pair for much longer. Regardless of whether you buy one pair or more per year, it adds up quickly.

Calculating the lifetime cost of glasses isn’t a precise procedure. Some frames cost under $100 online, and others can reach as high as $700 or more, and once you add in the cost of the lenses, it can be quite expensive. Some lenses, such as high index, those that require special coatings, or progressive lenses, all have significant costs.

To calculate the lifetime cost of wearing frames, we will look at a couple of different variables. Low-cost frames, designer frames, and the number of times replaced per year. We also will consider the fact glasses were purchased at age 20 and worn/replaced regularly until age 70.

Low Cost Frames & Lenses ($150 per)

Once per year: In a 50-year span, at an average price of $150 per pair, you can expect to pay a total of $7500 in your lifetime.

Twice per year/Multiple Pairs: In that same 50-year span, you’re looking at $15,000 of your hard-earned money, just to see properly while still dealing with the inherent inconveniences that come with glasses.

High Quality Frames & Lenses ($500 per)

Once every two years: Replacing high-end glasses is costly. Some people feel the financial burn more than others, but either way you look at it, it’s expensive. Because of the investment, many will wear a pair of high-end glasses for longer than a year if they can keep them in good condition. If you manage to keep them safe, replacing these frames every two years has a lifetime cost of $12,500

 Once per year: Replacing your high-end frames annually is quite costly. Unless you have a good insurance plan, it’s not an expense you look forward to. The lifetime cost of replacing your glasses each year, by our calculation, totals $25,000.

 These prices are intimidating, and the fact they are spread out over the years of your life mean you don’t see the money leaving your pocket until you reflect on all the frames you’ve bought.

What’s the solution?

iLASIK with iDesign 3d Wavefront Technology is your answer! At ImagePlus, our 100% bladeless surgery can help you live life without boundaries, and save substantial amounts of money over your lifetime. The cost of surgery is far less than the average amount you’ll spend in your lifetime on glasses, especially if you include contact lenses in the overall costs of living with vision issues.
At Image Plus, we offer two different financing plans to help you spread costs over one or two years. With our deferred payment plan or our equal payment plan, there are options available to you.

Another financial incentive: laser vision surgery is a claimable medical expense during tax season. No prescription is necessary and all you need to claim it is written certification.

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