One of the reasons we are so passionate about laser vision correction as well as the other procedures we offer, is because we are helping people get back to their old lives, or for many patients, experience one they haven’t known before. Having vision restored to 20/20 through surgery is truly a perk of the modern world and we are quite proud to offer it.

For people playing sports, it removes the tough pre-game decision: Do I play with the frames on and risk breaking them, or do I just forfeit some vision for peace of mind? Contact lenses can work, too, but also fall out. Post-surgery, glasses are the last thing on anyone’s mind when heading out the door to play sports.

After Jason came to us for iLASIK, he said, “I play golf and soccer mostly, but never turn down being a participant in any other sport. The surgery definitely helped me in a positive way. I no longer have to worry about dirty glasses or contacts being dry and becoming a nuisance.”

Another common side effect of requiring prescription lenses we hear from potential patients are headaches, people with higher prescriptions tend to experience some physical discomfort or eye strain when wearing their glasses or contacts.

Laura came for laser eye surgery and told us, “Prior to surgery, I struggled daily with dry, sore eyes from contacts, and headaches from my glasses. Today, my vision is better than 20/20 and my eyes feel healthier than ever!”

With all the other benefits many patients notice in their lives post-surgery, it’s easy to forget how much the restoration of their sight is worth to them. Art came to us at age 39 with 20/200 eyesight and a prescription around -2.75.

Here is what he had to say: “The outcome was better than expected, and even with the immediate and expected post-surgery discomfort, results were immediately noticeable. When things settled out, I was better than 20/20. Here we are eight years later, and I still see great!”

With a procedure such as iLASIK, it is common for patients to have a lot of questions before, during, and after their surgery and we are more than happy to answer them. At Image Plus, we understand choosing to have laser vision correction is not often an easy decision, and we believe that in offering the best technology and treatment available, you’ll see we are more than just a simple retail experience. We want you to feel like you made the right decision from start to finish.

Sarah came to us for help with near vision and astigmatism. “They were very supportive and most importantly, they knew what they were talking about. When I called up with questions, they had very clear answers for me. They were also great with my kids which was great because I had to bring them with me to follow up appointments.”

Sarah says life now is wonderful. She is seeing better than she ever did with glasses and now has what she cheekily calls, “This thing called peripheral vision.”

It’s plain to see just how big an impact laser vision correction can have on a person’s life, so why not yours? If you struggle with any of the vision problems we can help with, or if you have a problem and aren’t sure, book a free assessment with our team and let us get you on the path to a Life without boundaries!