At Image Plus Laser Eye Centre, we’ve performed thousands of surgeries in our tenure. Because of the relationships we forge with our patients, we regularly hear back from them regarding their healing process and their improved vision.

Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright had been wearing glasses since kindergarten and came to see us with near vision and astigmatism. Her case was also complicated by Epithelial Basement Membrane Dystrophy (EBMD) – a disease affecting the anterior cornea.

“I wore my glasses daily. I wasn’t able to do anything without them, including swimming with my family because I couldn’t see the kids in the pool. Keeping my glasses clean was a chore and they were almost always scratched.”

Wright also experienced glare when driving at night and had to use ointments to prevent corneal tears from the EBMD.

Referred By Name

After speaking with her optometrist about the possibility of laser eye surgery, Wright was referred to Dr. Wiens by name.

“Everything was very informative. The techs are very knowledgeable and were able to answer all my questions. They were very patient guiding me through all of the various tests,” she said. “I also did a lot of research to give myself an idea of what recovery should feel like.”

Because of the unique nature of Wright’s vision, she required a more specialized procedure–one that she says was not too comfortable.

“Dr. Wiens and his team did everything they could to make it tolerable and it was over very quickly,” says Wright. “My procedure had a longer recovery time (PRK vision correction) so I got my husband to take off a few days of work to care of the kids and me.

Steady Improvement

As far as recovery goes, Wright experienced some discomfort on the second day, but things steadily improved afterward. And Dr. Wiens and his staff were there at every step.

“They were very supportive and most importantly, they knew what they were talking about. When I called up with questions they had very clear answers for me. They were also great with my kids which was great because I had to bring them with me to follow up appointments.”

Wright says life now is wonderful. She is seeing better than she ever did with glasses and now has what she cheekily calls, “This thing called peripheral vision.”

When asked if she would recommend Image Plus Laser Eye Centre, Wright says, “Most definitely!”