While many of our clients choose laser eye surgery for aesthetic reasons or convenience, safety can also play a significant role in the decision.

“Being able to react in an emergency without worrying about glasses is a common concern, especially for parents,” explains Lori Crampton, Image Plus Ophthalmic Assistant. “When you’re woken up at 3am by a screaming child, the last thing you want to worry about is finding your glasses! It’s scary for parents, and glasses just add to that feeling of vulnerability.”

One of the main comments we hear from clients is they can’t wait to go swimming without glasses. Whether it’s the beach, lake or a public pool, prescription goggles are cumbersome, easy to lose and expensive.

This leads to many people leaving their glasses on the beach or lounge chair, which can be a huge safety hazard, especially if you are tasked with watching kids in the water.

“Many of our patients mention that they don’t feel confident parenting with poor vision around water,” Lori explains. “There’s one client I’ll never forget: she was at a pool with her kids and took her glasses off before getting in the water. Her child was struggling and almost drowned – she couldn’t find him. Thankfully he was saved, but it really shook her and her family. She was already considering laser eye surgery, and this definitely pushed her over the edge.”

Of course it’s about more just than safety when it comes to vision and parenting. Imagine life without toddler-smudged glasses? Or being able to look down at your beautiful baby without frames getting in the way. Or throwing a ball with your kid and not bumbling to straighten your glasses?

From safety and security to the everyday conveniences of going frameless, there are endless reasons why parents love laser vision correction. If you want to enjoy the lake, pools or parks without boundaries, contact us today to book a free assessment and learn how Image Plus can help.