Give Your Loved One a Life Without Boundaries

This holiday season, give a gift that’s truly life changing. Give the gift of Laser Vision Correction, and help your special someone live a life without boundaries!

Whether your friend or family member has already visited Image Plus for an assessment, or they’ve never heard of laser eye surgery, this is your chance to open their world to a life without glasses.

Is your son worrying about his glasses instead of the puck? Is your daughter tired of pirouetting with blurred vision? Are your fiancé’s glasses going to be front and centre in your wedding photos?

These are just a few of the reasons that people choose to go frameless with Image Plus.

So what’s holding people back? Price is often a barrier, especially for teenagers. For others with a busy schedule, they just never get around to booking a consultation.

This is your opportunity to gift your loved one with the journey to a life without boundaries – a life without glasses or contacts and the many ‘headaches’ that can go with them!

Laser Vision Correction from Image Plus is safe and painless. We utilize Advanced iDesign WaveFront technology, which in clinical trials helped 95% of patients achieve 20/20 vision or better.

Ready to give the gift of sight? Contact us today for full details and pricing.