Fashion, beauty and laser eye surgery have more in common than you might first imagine. Glasses have the potential to be a powerful means of self-expression and a part of a person’s signature style. Think Buddy Holly, John Lennon or Malcolm X. These iconic glasses wearers all committed to a single style of frame, and these frames helped to define their image. People like Sir Elton John, who wore numerous ever-changing styles of frames defined his image by being bold.

For some, glasses, and even contacts, can be a hindrance when putting themselves together each morning. Many fashion and beauty conscious people find glasses and contacts actually get in the way of their self-expression.

When self-styling, glasses act as an assertive accessory. For this reason, you may have to avoid other statement accessories, including bold earrings, hair accessories and hats. Getting dressed up for a night out, or for a special event when you wear glasses can be a real challenge. Glasses and evening wear can feel mismatched. And while contacts can seem to be a temporary option, they come with their own host of complications. If you’ve ever left your contacts in after a night out or forgotten your solution at home during a weekend away, you know how irritating they can be.

Glasses and contact lenses are also a concern for women who like to wear makeup. For glass wearers, lashes can hit the lenses of your glasses, the glass in your frames can highlight under-eye discolouration and darkness, and moisturizing makeup formulas can slip beneath the frames. Not to mention the annoying red marks along your nose or ears many glasses wearers are all too familiar with.

Applying makeup with restricted eyesight is a challenge. Depending on your prescription strength, you could be applying your makeup on a very blurry face or squinting close to the mirror to see clearly. The oils found in face makeup can sometimes work its way into your eyes, and your lenses will attract that oil. Cloudy lenses will make seeing even more difficult, and it can also lead to dry, irritated eyes, and even styes. Clumps and excess particles can fall and get into the eyes and become trapped underneath contact lenses, which can be very uncomfortable.

Many fashionistas are turning to laser eye surgery to not only improve their eyesight, but allow them the freedom to wear whatever clothing, make up, and eyewear they like. Explore living life without boundaries at Image Plus. Join us for a free assessment to see if you’re eligible, meet Dr. Wiens, and realize your goal of going frameless is right around the corner.