Being in the Armed Forces is one of the most physically demanding jobs you can have. Not only do you have the stress of protecting our country, but you have to be in the absolute best physical shape, and that includes your eyesight.

Laser vision correction has opened the door for a new pool of candidates to be eligible for the military because of the improved safety features of iLASIK and the enhancement of one’s performance.

A recent article from EyeWorld News Magazine discussed Steven Schallhorn’s experience in 1977 in San Diego. After an initial plan to attend medical school, Schallhorn ended up graduating with an undergraduate degree from Colorado State University. On a whim, he decided to enter the U.S. Navy. He and a friend, ultimately wanted to join the aviation program, but his friend found out he couldn’t be a pilot in the Navy due his poor eyesight.

“Back then, you had to have 20/20 uncorrected vision,” said Dr. Schallhorn, who retired from the Navy as a captain. “You couldn’t miss 1 letter on the 20/20 line or that would hold you back.”

Just like Schallhorn’s friend, many Canadians have been in the same position. Although, you might aspire to be a part of the National Guard and the Canadian Armed Forces, there are requirements that you have to meet.

The combination of iDesign Wavefront and IntraLase technology, also known as iLASIK, provides you with precise and predictable results, and is used by NASA and the US Military.


With iLASIK, the majority of complications associated with a blade from the traditional lasik procedure are eliminated

Greater Precision

This procedure has a higher degree of precision of flap thickness when creating the corneal flap. This improves the predictability and safety in making the flap for iLASIK treatments

Lower Re-Treatment

Studies have shown that the number of re-treatments needed is lower with iLASIK and higher accuracy and effectiveness with your first surgery makes it less likely you’ll need a second treatment

Here’s a great descriptive and short video that shows the benefit of laser eye surgery for those who are serving their countries.


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