Have you been told that you are not a good candidate for laser eye surgery? Just as glasses and contacts limit your life, even iLasik laser eye surgery has its limitations, and many people whose prescriptions are too strong to be corrected with laser procedures resign themselves to living with heavy glasses and uncomfortable contact lenses. Visian ICL has changed all that, allowing us to correct very strong prescriptions with proven results. Here is one patient’s story of going from discomfort and doubt to 20/20.

Prior to having Visian implants, I had worn glasses for more than 20 years. Because my prescription was so high, my contact lenses were very heavy and would often irritate my eyes, while my glasses were so thick that they felt heavy on my face, not to mention the high price I paid yearly for both glasses and contacts. As a school teacher, I often get bumped, and if my glasses got even slightly bumped, I would have distorted vision which would require constant trips to the optometrist to adjust them. Because of my poor vision, I had missed out on many opportunities that most normal sighted people take for granted, and after years of missed opportunities and inconvenience, I decided to make a change and undergo vision correction surgery.

On the day of surgery, I did not know what to expect. I was nervous, tired, and a little afraid of whether the surgery would actually work. At the time, I had no idea what it would be like to be able to see 20/20, since I did not have 20/20 even with corrective lenses. Once the surgery was over, I was so shocked and so awestruck that I could actually see the clock on the wall and the faces on all the nurses in the recovery room! It is hard for me to believe that at one point in my life I could only imagine what it was like to have 20/20 vision, while now I am starting to forget what it is like to not have such wonderful vision.

My life has astronomically changed in positive ways since the surgery, and I feel more empowered to do more important things in my life. I am so thankful that I have met Dr. Wiens, as he has helped to give me the best sight of my life.

Anne M.

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