There’s a great Swedish proverb that reads, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.” Here in Manitoba, that saying definitely rings true! Whether it’s minus 30 plus the windchill or a billowy blizzard, dressing appropriately for the weather is the difference between having fun outside and catching a cold.

For many of our clients, being prepared for the winter is more about their eyes than their clothes. Cold weather fogs up glasses and dries out contacts. Many winter activities are also downright dangerous with glasses!

Here is a quick list of winter activities that are not glasses friendly:

1) Tobogganing with Your Kids –Winnipeg has a wonderful variety of winter hills and slides and wherever you live in the province there is sure to be somewhere nearby that’s perfect for family sledding. Tobogganing is a huge piece of Canadiana that, unfortunately, is a huge pain when you have glasses.

2) Snowmobiling – Glasses plus helmets simply don’t mix. Every time you need to adjust or defog your glasses you’re just taking away from precious sledding time and letting that cold air in. Plus, snowmobiling is challenge enough when you have perfect vision!

3) Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing – From Winnipeg’s parks and golf courses to the wide open prairies, Manitoba is a haven for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. It can be both relaxing and a great way to exercise in the winter and get out in nature. For people fussing with glasses, relaxing is probably not the first word that comes to mind. And don’t forget the increasingly popular sport of skijoring! Haven’t heard of it? Think of skijoring as cross country skiing with a little extra pulling-power from your dog (and yes, there is proper equipment to ensure the safety of you and your dog).

4) Hockey – Prescription visors are expensive and with pucks, sticks and limbs flying all over the place, contacts can be dangerous. It’s no surprise that a great number of hockey players have opted for laser eye surgery – we’ve even treated NHLers!

5) Ice Fishing – Hanging out in the fishing shack with a thermos of coffee, Baileys and time to spare is one of the best things about Canadian winters. Unfortunately, cold weather and going in and out of a warm space leads to foggy glasses and blurred vision.

If you love Manitoba winters and any of these winter activities, we think you’ll love them even more without glasses and contacts!