Refractive Laser Lens Exchange

How it Works

For those over 50 living with presbyopia requiring corrective multi-focal prescription lenses (bifocals, progressives etc.), Image Plus is now offering a new procedure. While very similar to laser cataract surgery, but where there is no cataract in the eye, Refractive Laser Lens Exchange removes the clear lens of the eye implanting a multi-focal lens.

Image Plus is the only center in Manitoba offering Refractive Laser Lens Exchange procedures.

This surgical procedure involves the following main steps:

  1. First, procedure begins with a precise 3D image of your eye
  2. Using the Catalys™ Laser, your surgeon removes the clear lens of your eye.
  3. Once removed, an Intraocular Lens (IOL) is implanted (we only implant multi-focal lenses).
  4. Vision is restored through a multi-focal lens.

The multi-focal lens provides clarity both near and far for patients which is important as the procedure can nullify the natural ability to draw focus. These lenses allow patients to live life without boundaries knowing they can still have dynamic vision without wearing glasses.

What to Expect

With the technology used, the procedure only takes about 15 minutes to complete, but you still may be in the office for several hours.

Through the use of numbing drops, the procedure is pain-free and most patients report immediate vision improvement within a few days.

Many patients will initially notice haloes, scratchy sensations, or in some cases, blurry vision. This typically only lasts during the healing period which can take up to a few weeks.

Technology Used

Catalys™ Laser

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