At Image Plus, we are committed to offering the best laser vision correction procedures possible. No two people, or two eyes, are the same and that’s why there is no one size fits all treatment at our clinic.

After a thorough eye examination, we can help you determine the best course of action for your vision and life goals. By helping us understand how you live, work and play, we can help you get the best vision possible for the long-term.

If you suffer from myopia, presbyopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, then you have two main procedures to choose from: iLASIK™ Laser Vision Correction and Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK), both with iDesign WaveFront

Here is a short guide to help you understand the differences between these two procedures:

iLASIK™ Laser Vision Correction with iDesign Wavefront

To date we have performed over 10,000 iLASIK™ procedures with great success. iLASIK™ begins with your surgeon creating a flap of corneal tissue using our computer-controlled IntraLase® laser. Next, we lift the flap and use a VISX® Star S4 Active Trak™ excimer laser to reshape your cornea before replacing the flap. The procedure takes less than a minute per eye, although you can expect to be at the office for a few hours.

Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) with iDesign WaveFront

PRK with iDesign Wavefront is used to treat the same vision conditions as iLASIK™, but does so in a very different way. During this procedure, the surface layer of the cornea is gently removed with an amoils brush. The excimer laser is then used on your cornea, just like in the iLASIK™ process.

The Main Difference Between these Two Procedures

Since there is no flap created in PRK, it is often a better choice for athletes and people who enjoy active lifestyles, or people employed in an active profession like the military or police.

Differences in Recovery Time

If you choose iLASIK™, you can expect a dramatic change in vision within hours – and many patients are cleared to drive the next day. PRK patients should expect a slightly longer recovery time. PRK patients can expect to return to work within the week, and to experience better vision after two weeks, although vision quality may even improve at 1 month after surgery.

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