We believe that laser vision correction needs to be treated with the utmost respect and care – that it is an important decision in a person’s life and should not be a retail experience. From the moment you pick up the phone, through your initial assessment and surgical consultation, you deserve personalized care and our undivided attention.

For you to have the best vision possible, we need to offer the best experience possible.

Here’s how our approach works:

Step 1: Vision Test & Assessment

It all begins with a thorough eye test and personal assessment with one of our vision care specialists. This complimentary assessment will help us determine your vision strength, possible corrective measures and whether you are a candidate for laser eye correction.

The Plus: We’ve built our strong reputation based on consistent results, and also the calm and caring nature of our team. We approach this assessment as a health consultation, not a sales pitch, and we will not recommend anything that is not beneficial to your vision and long-term health.

Step 2: Surgical Consultation

We want you to have a comprehensive meeting with your surgeon to talk options, ask questions and discuss your procedure.

The Plus: At many laser eye clinics, you won’t meet your doctor until it’s time for your procedure. At Image Plus, you’ll get to know your surgeon right from the start to ensure you are as informed and comfortable as possible.

Step 3: Surgery

Every Image Plus procedure is blade-free, utilizing the latest technology and procedures tailored to your specific needs. Our surgeons have performed over 20,000 procedures to date and are regarded as true experts in their field.

The Plus: We are one of only six clinics in Canada that utilize Advanced iDesign WaveFront technology, which has been proven to be 25 times more precise than conventional treatments. 95% of patients who received iDesign WaveFront correction in clinical trials achieved 20/20 vision or better while maintaining or improving their night vision!

Step 4: Recovery

At the end of your procedure, you will be given full instructions to help ensure a quick and easy recovery. You will also be given direct access to your surgeon in case you have questions or concerns.

The Plus: A surgeon giving patients his or her direct line is essentially unheard of, but we believe that you deserve the best assistance possible throughout the laser vision correction process.

Step 5: Follow Up

After your surgery, you’ll ideally come in the following day, and then one week, one month, three months, six months and one year later for follow-up appointments.

The Plus: The Image Plus team will be there every step of the way to ensure a full recovery – all the way to your new life without boundaries!