Law enforcement is something society takes very seriously, and thus, we demand only the best and brightest of the people who work in the field. Much like members of the military, having clear vision, good hearing, and a strong grasp of the other senses are some of the most important tools in a police officer’s toolbox.

Officers need to be able to see long distances clearly from their vehicles, when on foot, or even in the helicopter. Contacts and glasses are allowed, but many officers know there are still limitations when using these solutions.

Law enforcement officers are expected have clear vision. Whether they use corrective lenses, had corrective surgery, or were just born with 20/20 vision, they must meet standards. Requirements for their vision, whether they need glasses or not, must be at least 20/20. Uncorrected vision cannot single eye exceeding 20/40 (-1) with no single eye exceeding 20/80 (-2). The last thing the police service needs is an officer who cannot see properly if their contact falls out, or if their glasses are somehow removed from their face.

Laser Vision Correction, making use of iDesign Wavefront technology, is one the best options available to those looking to join the force or for those who already are a member of the law enforcement community. Getting rid of your glasses means you no longer worry about them falling off in a physical engagement, when running, or in any other scenario that may cause them to dislodge from your face.

By using the best available technology for the procedure, ImagePlus can correct a patient’s vision, most of the time to 20/20, and sometimes better. Instead of a simple topographical scan, which only maps out the surface of the eye, we use iDesign Wavefront Technology. This technology maps out over 1,200 points on each eye, and then translates them into an in-depth 3D map. This is how we truly customize our procedure to each patient’s individual needs. It’s also how in some cases we can improve a patient’s vision beyond 20/20.

The best part about ImagePlus? The healing time is reduced by using laser technology at every step. When creating the corneal flap for the procedure, ImagePlus uses a laser instead of a blade. The incision from the laser is more accurate allowing the tissue to heal with greater ease and less chance of post-op complication.

Despite law enforcement requiring a 6-month period before resuming regular active duty post-operation, officers can be back to living their regular life in a matter of days. And with regular post-op checkups at 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year, patients can trust ImagePlus will continue working with them to ensure their healing process is on track for a full year.

Laser vision correction is the right option for law enforcement, and ImagePlus is locally owned and operated, with our surgeon, Dr. Wiens, living in Winnipeg and having done so for most of his life. Dr. Wiens has performed many successful surgeries on members of the military and law enforcement communities over the decades. If you are a member of law enforcement, or you know someone in the field, who wears glasses, come for your free assessment, meet the team, and see the plus.