A winter vacation can be the perfect getaway. Spending a few days in the mountains is the avid skier/snowboarders dream. With beautifully groomed slopes, warm lodges, and spectacular views, who wouldn’t get the most out of such a vacation? The answer is: someone with glasses.

Skiing or snowboarding with glasses is never ideal. Either you wear your goggles with contacts, which dry out quickly with the cold air rushing past them, or you just wear your glasses and brave the cold.


Wearing your glasses on the slopes means your face will be getting cold. While you can wear neck warmer or balaclava, you’re still depending on your frames to provide clear vision. When wearing glasses overtop of winter gear, they can move around and make it difficult to see properly. This can become dangerous when heading down the mountain.

Another risk is fogging. The heat from your body, paired with the moisture in your breath/sweat can generate fog on your lenses. Due to the negative temperatures, this fog will freeze. Frozen glasses mean less time on your skis or snowboard, and more time in the lodge waiting for your glasses to thaw.

Now, add in the risk of breaking your glasses from impact. Skiing and snowboarding comes with an inevitability of falling, regardless of experience, and the last thing you want is to break or lose your glasses on a busy ski hill.


Goggles and contacts work, to a degree. Yes, you can get your goggles on and get around the hills, but with the air venting through your goggles to prevent them from fogging, your eyes end up drying up quickly. Dry eyes and contacts can be quite irritating. This can lead to downtime where eye drops are needed to be administered and when you are in the zone, the last thing you want to do is head back to the lodge for drops.

Laser Vision Correction

Cutting out the proverbial middle man, laser vision correction removes the need for glasses or contacts altogether. You can hit the slopes with the confidence that you’ll never lose your glasses in a fall, you’ll never have foggy glasses, and you can fit those new goggles you just bought snugly on your face.

This means spending more time on the hills with your family, having the ability to try out new tricks or trails worry-free, and getting the most out of your lift ticket.

If you’re planning a winter vacation, you’re making an investment in yourself and your family, so instead of having to stay close to the lodge and spend time indoors, go frameless with laser vision correction and live life without boundaries.