Making the Decision

Getting Visian surgery will instantly enhance your quality of life and was one of the best decisions I have ever made. From a very young age I required the use of glasses. Over time I developed a strong prescription and astigmatism, and used both glasses and contacts. Since getting Visian surgery, words can’t describe how amazing it is to wake up in the morning and see things instantly without having to reach for glasses or put on contacts, to go swimming and see under water, to go shopping for non-prescription sunglasses, to have a late night without feeling dry scratchy contacts, and so much more!

The Image Plus Approach

I am also extremely thankful to have specifically chosen Dr. Wiens and the staff at ImagePlus for my corrective eye surgery. Dr. Wiens’ experience and technical knowledge gave me the confidence I needed, and both he and the staff at ImagePlus provided the information and level of patient care that I required to feel comfortable throughout the process. I originally did not qualify for other corrective procedures because my prescription was too high, and laser surgery would have removed too much cornea tissue. Looking back, that was a blessing in disguise because Visian surgery provided me with exceptional results, a painless and easy procedure, and should my current eyesight ever regress (which it has not), Visian offers options that wouldn’t have been available to me with other types of procedures. As a patient, the Visian procedure itself was so easy! My eyes were prepared by freezing them with drops; this step only tingled and very slightly stung for a minute or two. At no point through the entire process did I feel pain. In the operating room, I was awake and fully conscious, but all I could see was a bright light that was shining down on me. I recall asking Dr. Wiens to let me know when he starts, and he replied saying he was already half way done! I didn’t even know that he had started…that’s how easy it was for me! With respect to the cost, Visian is worth every penny and more. To this day, I feel it is the single best investment I have ever made.

Overall, I would very highly recommend Visian, specifically with Dr. Wiens and ImagePlus, to anyone who qualifies. It will change your life! I have since moved to another province, but if I ever require corrective eye surgery again, I will be flying to Winnipeg.

Patrick S.