Jason Kippen is a realtor living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, who came to Image Plus Laser Eye Centre to deal with his life-long vision problem.

Kippen was diagnosed with Myopia (near-sighted vision), and at age 12, began wearing glasses. Like many people in their teenage years, at age 16, he started to transition to wearing contacts and eventually, as an adult, decided to commit to laser vision correction.

“I was tired of waking up in the morning and having to reach for glasses,” says Kippen.

That’s just where it starts. Kippen is an active professional with a family and was finding difficulty with his glasses in some of the smaller moments.

“One of the worst parts of wearing glasses is when they fog up after coming inside from walking the dog. Even worse, helping the kids take off their gear with your glasses fogged up.”

Kippen also plays some sports and likes to spend time outdoors. Living with glasses and contacts added an additional layer of complexity to these activities.

“I play golf and soccer mostly, but never turn down being a spare in any other sport. I also go to the gym when possible. In the summer, I try to be outside as often as possible, at the cabin, picking berries with the kids, or at the beach chasing them around.”

“The surgery definitely helped me in a positive way. I no longer have to worry about dirty glasses or contacts being dry and becoming a nuisance.”

After hearing about Image Plus online, Kippen decided to book an assessment, and it was determined iLASIK surgery was the best process to improve his sight.

“At no point did I feel rushed by the Image Plus staff. Dr. Wiens is also very patient with any questions you have and made sure to explain everything.”

After treatment, Kippen was immediately impressed.

“I have been beyond amazed at the process and the results. The staff were amazing all the way from the initial appointment and continue to be beyond expectation with every visit.

Kippen’s process went smooth from start to finish and continues as he returns for his regular post-op checkups.

When asked if Kippen would recommend Image Plus Laser Eye Centre, he said, “I already have many times and my wife is hopefully getting the procedure later this year.”

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