Problems on the Ice

Playing hockey is no walk in the park. It’s a fast, hard-hitting sport when played at an adult/professional level, but has captured the hearts and minds of many countries over the past decades. It’s even considered our national sport!

For those who play the game, but live with vision problems, finding suitable eyewear can be a difficult task. How well can you manage glasses or contacts when on the ice?

Players who wear prescription glasses know the struggle of fitting frames under their mask, having their glasses fog up and freeze, or having them jostled off their face from a big hit. Glasses also limit peripheral vision during play, which can have some major consequences. Some players invest in sports goggles which can be expensive to replace upon impact or prescription change.

Many players turn to contacts, but contacts come with their own sets of issues. If a particularly hard hit throws one of your contacts from your eye, it’s as good as gone. You’re not going to find it on the ice, and now you face the decision of playing on one good eye or leaving the game. In addition to this, each blink can potentially shift the contact on your eye causing vision issues at crucial moments.

Our Solution

Many hockey players consider laser vision correction, and for good reason. The results from iLASIK can be extraordinary for most people, giving many better than 20/20 vision. For high impact sports, like hockey, we recommend PRK iDesign Wavefront Treatment. It takes a bit longer to heal than iLASIK, but once your healing period is over, your corneal strength is back to 100% and you can get right back into the game, even if your league plays a little rough.

We recommend to all players to wear a mask as a shot to the eye always poses a dangerous risk. Otherwise, you have the ability to see through your peripherals and you won’t need to worry about your glasses fogging or icing up.

Come down for a free assessment and find out if you are eligible for treatment. Imagine being able to get on the ice without anything on your face except for your helmet!