LASIK is a common procedure performed thousands upon thousands of times each year. At Image Plus, we only perform iLASIK, a bladeless version of the same procedure. The reason being is that it improves the predictability and safety in making the corneal flap, reduces healing time, and leaves a stronger cornea after the procedure.

Because of the technology, and the part of the body being worked on, there are a lot of myths associated with both LASIK and iLASIK surgeries. We’re not in the business of selling procedures, we want to provide them to the people who truly need them. If you’re interested in potentially having iLASIK surgery, please read the following list of associated myths.

Myth #1: LASIK/iLASIK is a painful procedure

Fact: LASIK/iLASIK is actually a quick and essentially pain-free treatment. Numbing drops are used before the treatment to limit discomfort. Patients have reported feeling a brief moment of pressure when the corneal flap is created, but that’s it.  Many patients also have the ability to request a mild sedative before-hand, in the case they are feeling anxious. Dr. Wiens has performed over 50,000 procedures in his career, starting laser vision correction in 1994.

Myth #2: LASIK/iLASIK does not last forever

Fact: For the majority of patients, LASIK/iLASIK treatment provides permanent refractive correction. There are some cases, and they are rare, where nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can return after treatment. Patients are still at risk of age-associated eye problems, such as macular degeneration and cataracts, but the refractive correction from LASIK provides long-term results.

Myth #3: LASIK/iLASIK treatment has a slow recovery period

Fact: Having clearer vision immediately post-treatment is not an uncommon scenario. Many patients report they’re out of action for the day of their treatment, but are actually able to drive and resume daily routines within one to three days. Patients are advised to avoid potentially contaminated water, such as: hot tubs, pools, lakes, etc. for two to three weeks.

Myth #4: LASIK/iLASIK is too expensive for me

Fact: LASIK/iLASIK do have costs associated with the procedure, but they vary based on numerous factors. During a free assessment, you may learn you need a different procedure altogether! You don’t have to let cost be a factor. With financing options available to you, almost every patient can find a convenient and reasonable way of getting LASIK/iLASIK vision correction.

Myth #5: LASIK/iLASIK outcomes are all the same, therefore the cheapest surgery is no different than the most expensive.

Fact: The ultimate outcome of any surgery truly depends on the experience level of the surgeon, the quality of work they are known to produce, and the technology they use. LASIK/iLASIK surgeries are very much a ‘get what you pay for’ service, and we recommend doing your research when choosing what Ophthalmologist you want to do your procedure. Ask your eye doctor for recommendations, talk to family and friends, or just go online and look for some reviews.

Amongst a host of other treatments, as far as LASIK goes, we only perform iLASIK vision corrections (blade-free). Book your free assessment, today, and come find out if you are a candidate to go frameless!

For more information about the differences between LASIK, iLASIK, and LASEK, visit the link below!