VISIAN – Implantable Contact Lens

If your prescription is very strong, you might think that wearing thick, heavy lenses is just a fact of life. If you play sports or love fashion, it probably hasn’t been easy.

You may have been told that you weren’t a good candidate for laser eye surgery—and that might once have been true. With the Visian implantable contact lens (ICL), your surgeon can correct vision that requires even very strong prescriptions that can’t be treated with a laser alone.

How it Works

Visian ICLs work like a contact lens, except that the lens is surgically placed inside your eye, rather than on the surface. The lens in invisible, but your improved eyesight will tell you it’s there!

This procedure can correct prescriptions -3.00 to -18.00 D., and can correct up to -6.00 astigmatism with a Toric lens (TICL). For prescriptions from -15.00 to -18.00, PRK may be used to remove any residual prescription in combination with the implantable lens.

EVO Visian ICL – New! 

The new Health Canada approved EVO Visian ICL is the latest in Visian technology and provides premium vision correction for prescriptions -3.00 to -18.00. The EVO lens offers increased comfort for you and the surgeon by removing the extra surgical step of the peripheral iridotomy (required for normal and toric ICL).

What to Expect

Although you will be at the hospital for a few hours, you will typically be in the surgery suite for about 30 minutes. Most patients notice a dramatic difference immediately.

The Visian lenses have a proven success record and gives you the confidence of a highly predictable outcome and lasting satisfaction.

For most patients, Visian ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) offers permanent freedom from eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Technology Used


VISX® Star S4 Active Trak™

iDesign Refractive Studio

3D ActiveTrak™ Eyetracker

VISX S4 Variable Spot Scanning (VSSTM)

Iris Registration (IR)

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