Experience personalized laser vision correction from one of Canada’s most experienced eye surgeons.


Experience personalized vision correction from one of Canada’s most experienced eye surgeons.

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100% Bladeless iLASIK Vision Correction

For most patients with myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism.


iLASIK is your better choice

iLASIK™ may sound similar to LASIK eye surgery, but the procedure is done completely blade-free. A high definition 3-D visual representation of your eye is created using iDesign™ Advanced Wavefront technology measuring the unique imperfections of each eye. During surgery, the corneal flap is created using IntraLase – a computer controlled laser guided by the surgeon – not a blade. iLASIK has been proven to reduce the majority of flap complications associated with bladed procedures.

Why Choose iLASIK at Image Plus


Safer and More Accurate

It’s natural for your eye to move slightly during laser vision correction – no worries, we have you covered! 3D ActiveTrak™ Eyetracker automatically follows the tiny motions of your eye in all three dimensions during your treatment and repositions the laser before each laser pulse to ensure accuracy. You can relax during your treatment knowing that the eye tracker is centring your treatment appropriately on your eye.

About the iLASIK Procedure

NASA Approved

NASA and Health Canada Approved

iLASIK™ provides you with incredibly precise and predictable results and is approved by NASA, and the US Military – industries that demand the clearest, most precise vision possible. This technology and procedure is approved by Health Canada and the FDA. With iLASIK™ many patients have experienced better than 20/20 vision than with traditional LASIK.

Health Canada & FDA Approved

Other Procedures Available at Image Plus

PRK with iDesign

PRK is a trusted procedure for vision correction for those who may not be a candidate for iLASIK™ and is also recommended for those who have an active lifestyle, such as athletes in a contact sport, and is approved by the US and Canadian Military for their personnel.

About PRK 

Visian EVO

Strong prescription? You may have been told that you weren’t a good candidate for laser eye surgery. With the Visian EVO implantable contact lens (ICL), Image Plus can correct vision that requires even very strong prescriptions that can’t be treated with a laser alone.

About Visian EVO


Over 50 and living with presbyopia and corrective multi-focal prescription lenses (bifocals, progressives etc.)? Similar to laser cataract surgery, Refractive Laser Lens Exchange removes the clear lens of the eye implanting a multi-focal lens for permanent vision correction.

About Refractive Lens Exchange

Laser Floater Treatments

Are you one of the many thousands of Canadians living with floaters in your field of vision? Floaters are the small dark spots in your vision, which may give off the impression of strings, specks, or cobwebs drifting about when you move your eyes. The good news is, there is a solution.

About Laser Floater Treatments

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What does it cost?

With decades of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, we know that no two laser vision correction procedures are alike. Whether we are performing PRK or iLASIK treatment, every procedure we do is customized for each unique patient—and each individual eye. The treatment you receive for your vision problem, the technology we apply —and therefore, the associated costs—will depend on you, the goals you establish with your surgeon, and your medical eye care needs.

‘Go Frameless’ Financing Options

Now that you’ve set your sights on laser eye surgery, it’s time to take a look at your budget. Need a little help? At Image Plus, we believe that living your new life without boundaries means that financing shouldn’t get in your way. That’s why we offer financing for iLASIK and PRK surgery through our partner, Credit Medical

Make equal monthly payments over for 3 years or extend up to 6 years on approved credit. Credit applications are easy and confidential, and most patients are approved within just 24 hours.

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Choosing to have laser eye surgery can be a big decision to make and our team are here to answer all of your questions.

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